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A wee bit about our Spanish Gin Selection... - Tapa, Spanish Tapas in Edinburgh
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In case you didn’t know, Gin is absolutely HUGE at the moment- apparently a new Gin distillery opens every week in the UK- but nowhere is this more apparent than in Spain which has become the largest consumer of Gin (per head of the capita) in the world!

However, there is one massive difference to how Gin is drunk in Spain to the UK and that’s the GLASS!

The AWESOME Copa de Balon is a large balloon shaped stem glass that originated from El Bulli (of course!) where their
Chef’s would drink their G&T’s in a Bordeaux wine glasses full of ice- to keep it chilled- whilst they cleaned the kitchen down after service, and, once customers caught onto it, it quickly became the only way to drink a G& T!

We, of course, had to have some & have imported a load specially from Spain for the restaurant, but, then we thought, we’ve gone to so much effort getting the right glass wear in, why aren’t we serving any Spanish Gin in them?!

All the Gin we serve in Tapa, then, is Spanish and we’ve worked closely with all the different producers to- not only-individually garnish each Gin to give it it’s own character, but, also to find it’s perfect complimentary tonic – as, after all, most of your G& T is T!

So next time your in Tapa if you really want to make us smile, order a G & T, after all the work we’ve put in to create our Gin Selection, we couldn’t be happier to make you one!

Love, The Tapa Team