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Our Rioja Deal... - Tapa, Spanish Tapas in Edinburgh
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So…as those of you in the know will know, we run an excellent offer in the restaurant called the Rioja Deal free online project management tools.

¡Over the years we’ve advertised the deal in many different ways, but, most recently, we’ve been handing it out on small black membership style cards, however, these cards have an expiry date of the 30th of June- which is this Thursday!

¡Excitingly, we’ve been working closely with a company to create an app for Tapa- which will allow us to offer you up to date deals that are catered more specifically to you- but, as with anything like this, what we thought would take a few weeks to bang out of the park has taken much, much longer!

Hopefully, we should have a shiny new app to show off very soon, but, until the app is ready, we thought we’d extend the validity of the Rioja Deal to Thursday 29th of September 2016.

¡¿If you’re new to Tapa, or, you’ve maybe just forgotten all about the Rioja Deal- you may be asking  at this point what is the awesome offer they speak so fondly of?!

¡Well…it’s very simple! It’s your choice of a Bottle of Red or White Rioja and Four Tapas from the Menu for just £30.

 ¡Available to be redeemed from Sunday to Thursday, all you have to do to utilise the deal is make a reservation and state your intention to use it!

¡It’s any four dishes from the menu (excluding both the Ceviche and Brochetas dishes from our Fish part of the Menu and Daily Specials) and, what’s brilliant about it, if you do fancy more than four- you only pay extra for the cheapest dishes of all you have ordered! 

¡There is a maximum of two vouchers valid per table, but, and we’re not just saying this- the Rioja Deal is a total steal! ¡The wine alone is worth £23.95 nowadays!

¡So…we hope that’ll have whetted your appetite for some tapas again soon- if you’d like any further informationon the Deal and/or to book a table to use the deal, please do not hesitate to contact the restaurant directly!

¡We hope you’re having a great week!

Love, The Tapa Team